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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to change name in India.

                    Many people need to change their name due to spelling mistakes in name, surname change after marriage, printing mistakes in important documents etc. ,I also gone through this situation as in my all documents my name was “Md Rajaul” but in PAN my name was “Mohammad Rajaul”.So I changed my name from “Md Rajaul” to “Mohammad Rajaul”.
                     As it is quite lengthy process and many people asked me about the process, so I decided to write here so that any needy can take help from this.
                     Procedure for change of name in India:
Mainly there are three steps in this procedure.
(1) We have to make  an affidavit before first class judicial magistrate.
(2)Publication of our name change notification in a reputed newspaper is required.
(3)Publication of our name change notification in The Gazette of India is also required.


First you have to make an affidavit before first class judicial magistrate.For this you have to go to your local notary/court.There you have to submit all the details required for name change like Old and new name,address,reason for name change(spelling mistake,astrology,marriage etc).Better you contact a local advocate and he will do all this for you with a nominal charge.He will suggest the value of stamp paper required.Mine was done on a Rs.10 stamp paper.After printing of affidavit,advocate will apply before first class magistrate and you will have to appear before magistrate for verification.
           Keep many copies of your affidavit as it is a important document and you may require it in many future occasions.


II: Announcement on a local news paper:

This is the next step after making an affidavit.You need to publish your name change publication in a reputed news paper.Mine was published on Prabhat Khabar(Hindi Daily newspaper).Any popular news paper like Hindustan Times,Telegraphs,Times of India etc can be used.You can directly go to their office to submit your Advertisement publication request or can opt for online agencies for publication.I used online method.Various paper charges their ads differently so compare charges first.Also don't forget to give affidavit copy to newspaper agencies,as they will publish your ad only on receipt of the affidavit.

Newspaper publication

III:The Gazette of India Publication:

         After this step your name change process will be completed.Now your name is changed legally.So,after gazette publication,you can apply at various organisations like Banks,LIC,Office etc for your name change request.
Documents required for name change publication on The Gazette of India:

1. Original Newspaper
2. Affidavit before first class judicial magistrate (Original)
3. Hard Copy of Specimen of Name Change in duplicate duly filled and with signature of self & two witnesses.
4. Soft Copy of Specimen in a Compact Disc (C.D)
5. Two self-attested passport size photographs
6. Self-attested copy of ID proof (PAN card,aadhaar etc)
7. Certificate declaring that contents of hard copy and soft copy are similar
8. Deed for change of name
9. Request letter
10. Undertaking
11. DD of Rs.1100/- in favour of the ‘Controller of Publications’ payable at Delhi.

These all documents should be put inside an envelope and send it to "The Controller of Publicatios , Department of Publication, Government of India,Civil Lines, Delhi – 110054."


Deed for name change

Demand draft

Gazette Notification

Contacts:Department of Publication
Civil Lines, Delhi-110054
Telephone: 011-23817823, 011-23819689
Fax: 011-23817846

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