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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Android Glossary

Android - Glossary

                                  In this topic are only the most frequently used terms Android.

  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge - Debug Bridge Android) - a tool that is installed with the Android-SDK and allows you to control the device based on OS Android. You can find it in the folder «platform-tools», unpacked SDK. ADB - is the management of the android device using the commands from the computer. To work with adb any android device has software and drivers written for the computer and software.
  • AOSP (Eng, Abbr. Android open source project) - Project Android operating system open source. Most often called firmware AOSP collected from the project AOSP. AOSP is essentially firmware for devices google. Considered "clean" firmware.
  • APK - the application file for the operating system Android, is an analogue of MSI in WIndows and DEB on Linux. Is an extension of the installation file. When installing an application APK file is copied to the / data / app on the storage device, and is used when the application starts.
  • Bootloader - the operating system loader . In HTC devices can also be called SPL or HBOOT. Bootloader takes the baton from the radio part . Bootloader transmits the operating system partition table card, indicates the size of the available memory, loads the kernel into memory and executes it. Bootloader allows you to change the firmware, as well as to connect to the PC in fastboot.
  • ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) - modified informal recovery, which is available for most devices running Android. Has a much broader capabilities than the native recovery. On some devices installed instead of the native recovery, on the other devices installed in parallel. Allows you to install unofficial firmware, easy to install fixes and patches in the form of zip-files, create a backup copy of the firmware and user data, do factory reset (wipe data / factory reset), clear the cache (cache), dalvik cache (Dalvik-cache ) statistics battery (battery stats), formatting and partitioning the memory card, and more.
  • CyanogenMod - a project in which are some unofficial firmware for Android devices. Firmware are based on open source Android. Always supported the latest version of Android. A distinctive feature is a firmware CyanogenMod performance and a small amount of built-in applications to the official firmware. CyanogenMod also offers a number of features, improvements, adjustments, additions, which are currently not in the official firmware Android devices.
  • Dalvik - Virtual Machine Java, which is used to run programs (only with APK-extension) to make access faster (because it's not JIT (just in time - just in time) compiler installed by default.
  • Dalvik-cache - the buffer memory with fast access, containing information that may be requested is most likely in this case created a virtual machine Dalvik. In other words, Dalvik-Cache is the result of optimizing virtual machine Dalvik, the most frequently run programs.
  • Deodex - The phone in the folder system / app in the official firmware files are APK and Odex. Deodex means that all files are included in the APK odex and folder system / app not. Deodex system is useful for editing, but it is believed that she was unstable and slow, but in practice, the speed does not change. Odex files is packaged code modules dex. Odex Dalvik virtual machine used to accelerate the application started. Odex: In order to download Dalvik VM executable code (classes.dex) can be taken out of the program (file. Apk) into separate files with the extension. Odex. As a rule, such as factory installed (official) firmware. The drawback of such solutions - the inability to change the interface and applications. Deodex: transformation of executable code from files. Odex back into program files (. Apk). To install the firmware Deodex'ed usually need Root and CWM Recovery.
  • fastboot - Android devices bootloader mode in which the device receives commands from the computer. Mainly used for firmware, cleaning, unlock bootloader devices and for other purposes.
  • FOTA (born Firmware Over The Air) - Partial or complete the firmware update via the Internet ("air"). When you upgrade the air user data (settings, files, applications, etc.) will not be erased, unlike firmware via computer. Update is as follows: the unit automatically when you turn on the Internet or while checking for updates manually (Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> System updates -> Check Now) checks whether there is an update on the server if there are updates, the device offers them to download and install . The device downloads the update as a ZIP-file for the native rekaveri. After downloading the update file device automatically restarts in native mode rekaveri and installs the update, then the device is reloaded. ZIP file is deleted after the update.
  • Google applications (GAPPS, application Google) - This is a common name for all applications Google, which are included in the firmware. In GAPPS includes: gmail, youtube; Google: talk, play market, calendar and more. Some firmware, particularly Asian, there may be no applications Google, the number of insertions in the informal Google applications can be reduced. To install Google applications available installation zip files for CWM.
  • JIT - Just-in-time compilation (JIT, compilation "on the fly»), dynamic translation (dynamic compilation) - technology increase productivity programs that use the byte code by compiling bytecode into machine code at run-time program. Thus, a high execution speed (comparable to compiled languages) due to increased consumption of memory (for storing results of compilation) and time-consuming to compile. Built into the operating system since version 2.2 Froyo
  • Kernel - This is the operating system kernel . The kernel is the part of any firmware (ie is contained in any firmware). Typically core informal means can be replaced by another without changing other parts of the firmware. Most often, you can replace the kernel using ClockworkMod recovery.
  • Market (Google Play market, market, market) - the official app store for android OS from Google. Access to the store via phone through the application of the same name Play Market - Application Catalog divided by categories. Play through the Market, you can see the description and reviews applications, buy, install or update the application. To purchase the application you want to attach a bank card to Google Wallet.
  • MIUI - a project in which are some unofficial firmware for Android devices. Firmware are based on the latest version of Android, open source project. A distinctive feature of firmware interface MIUI is made under iphone OS. MIUI also provides a number of features, improvements, those settings, add-ons, which are currently not present in the official firmware Android devices. MIUI is an abbreviation for Me you i. This proprietary shell for Chinese devices Xiaomi.
  • Recovery (rekaveri) - bootloader mode in Android devices. List of opportunities and ways to load in recovery mode in the exact topic on your device firmware. Native recovery is used in most cases to make a wipe data / factory reset (factory reset). Also native recovery is a function of the installation zip-file, but it allows you to install only the files signed by the manufacturer. Mainly as a zip recovery native installers for all the updates are installed in the air. For many devices existing parties rekaveri with advanced features such as: clockworkmod, TWRP, safestrap, openrecovery and others. On some modern devices, such as Sony, rekaveri missing.
  • Root - superuser (are analogous to an administrator account in Windows). Get complete access to the operating system: changes to system files, run some third-party applications, system backup. Make root means gaining root, rather, add to the possibility of issuing firmware superuser applications. At the file system getting Root rights - is the opportunity to edit the partition system, containing the operating system files, and everything else this investigation. Superuser (root) - a program that gives superuser other applications, there are others. More often than not installing the application superuser going together to obtain superuser privileges. The term is often confused and superuser root, root - it superuser and superuser - this app.
  • Swap - Virtual Memory, is a partition on the physical disk that is used for RAM expansion. Additionally created for devices with less memory.
  • TWRP - TeamWin Recovery Project - Informal modified recovery, which is available for most devices running Android. Has a much broader capabilities than the native recovery. On some devices installed instead of the native recovery, on the other devices installed in parallel. Allows you to install unofficial firmware, easy to install fixes and patches in the form of zip-files, create a backup copy of the firmware and user data, do factory reset (wipe data / factory reset), clear the cache (cache), dalvik cache (Dalvik-cache ), much more.
  • Wipe - This is a complete reset and data (analog Hard reset in Windows Mobile). Most often, when people talk about the wipe, mean data reset to factory settings (ie wipe data / factory reset - reset to factory settings). This clears Forums / data and / cache in the internal memory is cleared and the system folder. Android_secure on the card, ie removes all installed applications, system settings are reset. Card data remain. If you have changed the system data (content of the section system), ie something was changed in the operating system (eg install drivers obtained superuser privileges), or delete system files, such data can not be restored.
  • Mounting - The connection process section (part of the memory storage) with a file system root filesystem in Linux to use its operating system. In the Linux file system is organized differently: for example, when connecting flash-drive in Windows, it appears as a "Removable Disk F" F: \, and Linux as a folder / flash in the root (where the OS is installed) filesystem "/".
  • zRam - kernel module Linux. Module increases the amount of available RAM by compressing data. When this device is more loaded processor. Used on devices with less memory.

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