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Friday, March 7, 2014

How to manually Delete and add files in your current ROM of your phone and how to change permissions:

1.Open X-plore.
2.Click on Left bottom side soft button of your Phone.
3.Select Configuration
4.Click on the box infront of “Show Hidden files” ,also click on “Normal”below Root access
5.Select Superuser+mount writable.

6.Click on sdcard and then on /(Root).Grant superuser permission
7.Scroll down and expand system by clicking on it.Click on app or media from which you want to delete file,select the files by clicking tick sign infront of it.

8.Click on Delete and then OK.

9.To add anything in your current ROM,expand the folder in which you want to add(For example system/app or system/app/media/audio/ringtones .)
10.Click on sd card and select the file you want to add.Then click on Copy and then OK.Again go to expanded root folder by Clicking on its name(for example in screenshot it is ringtones) and go to folder where you have copied the files.

11.Scroll up/down and go to files you have copied.Long press on file and change permission to 644 as shown below.

12.Change permission of each copied files.

13.Reboot your mobile.

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