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Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Synchronize/Calibrate your phone battery

It is common in MTK6589 chipset's battery drop from 20-25% to 13%. Nothing new, you have to live with it. But if battery health is not good or not synced fully, it may show drop from 30% or even from 50%. You can also face this issue after installing a new ROM.

You can Follow some tips listed below on Battery Calibration.

Method 1 

1. Install any battery sync application from playstore, like this.

2. Then charge the mobile to 100% and run this application and Press "Synchronize Battery" button and remove charging cable and use upto 0%.

3. Then Repeat this process once again, if you are doing this for first time. A weekly synchronization of battery and using it upto 0% will keep your battery synchronized.

Method 2 

1. Use your phone till it battery reaches upto 0% and it automatically shuts down after that.

2. Then charge your phone to 100% but don't use phone while charging, let it go from 0% to 100%.  Repeat this 2/3 times, now your phone should be properly synchronized.

Method 3 

1. This method works only on rooted rom. First charge phone upto 100% or 99% (if stuck on 99%). Then open file-manager with root access and delete following file.


2. Then power off the phone normally (dont reboot). Wait for 3/4 minutes and then switch on phone. Now your phone should show lesser count like anything between 30% to 90%. Now you will be able to charge phone normally upto 100%. Your battery will be synced this time.

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