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Monday, November 2, 2015

How to change DPI of coolpad note 3

As our phone's screen size is quite big,some people wants smaller icon size and some more bigger.But as our phone is Temporarily unable to root,it is difficult to change the DPI,but I know a simple method which I am going to describe below:

First Drivers must be installed in your computer(Prefer windows 7)

Then download minimal ADBtool  and extract on your desktop

Then install that.

Then enable phone's USB debugging (Settings  - Developer options - Check USB debugging), connect that to the computer.    
Open the tool just installed and check device is listed or not by " adb devices " command.

Then set the DPI value by the command " adb shell wm density 400 "
Then give " adb reboot " command

Voila!! DPI changed.Set DPI as per your wish by changing value 400 in above command.


Results with 320,400 and 260 DPI values are as follows:

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  1. I tried But My device is not showing please help

  2. Does battery affects if higher dpi?

  3. Now that its root method is known...can we do Dpi change from phone itself? I mean without PC?

  4. what should be the best dpi Raajaul Sir

  5. It says can't download minimal adb. This file is infected with virus.

  6. I did this to my previous phone Moto G 1st gen and encountered a few problems with other apps like whatsapp dp not fitting in my screen and other issues. Will that always happen or is there a solution to that

  7. Bro is this harmful to device or not??

  8. adb devices command showing result as detected phone but unauthorized instead of device as shown in screenshot


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