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Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to install Recoveries on coolpad Note 3

You can download recoveries for coolpad Note 3 here

For coolpad Note 3 Lite Go here

Flashify Method:
1.Use this method if you have already rooted your device.For root method Go here.
2.Now install flashify through google play .
3.Open it and accept & grant root access.
4.On flashify’s home screen,tap on “Recovery image”.
5.Select Choose a file.
6.Then file explorer.
7.Select inteternal sd(sdcard0),External SD(sdcard1) where you have downloaded the recovery.img.
8.Select recovery.img.
9.Select YUP!.

Spflashtool method:

1.     Both drivers should be installed successfully on PC

2.       Open spflashtool folder and paste "recovery.img"(for Coolpad Note 3)/ "recovery.img"(for Coolpad Note 3 Lite,rename it to recovery.img after download) and "MT6753_Android_scatter.txt"(for Coolpad Note 3)// "MT6735_Android_scatter.txt"(for Coolpad Note 3 Lite files into spflashtool folder.

3.       Now right click on "flash_tool.exe" and run as administrater,after flashtool start,click on "scatter loading" and select "MT6753_Android_scatter.txt"(for coolpad note 3)/"MT6735_Android_scatter.txt"(for coolpad note 3 lite) .

4.       Click on "download"(on left top side with green colour icon in spflash tool).

5.       Now switch off phone and connect to Pc via USB cable.Press twice the volume up button. A slider will run on bottom of spflashtool. If everything fine then you will see a pop up with green tick.

6.       Disconnect phone from PC. Press Volume up and Power button till recovery comes on the screen

7.       Now you have successfully installed touch supported TWRP recovery.

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  1. Thanks bro. Finally I got my Coolpad Note 3 rooted. Now trying to install 360 OS.
    Thanks again.

  2. Flashing stock recovery is only possible via spftools I think...

  3. Please provide Custom rom based on cyanogenmod for coolpad note 3

  4. Can you please give me the link to 'recovery.img' and 'MT6753_Android_Scatter.txt'. I'm unable to find it.
    Btw the flash tool folder itself has a 'MT6753_Android_Scatter.txt' by default... Is that the same as you have mentioned above?

  5. Bro there anyway to install cwm/twrp without rooting... Coz i wanna take complete backup of current rom

    1. It get installed without rooting through spflashtool but original(stock) recovery get replaced,so you can take backup of unrooted ROM except stock recovery.

  6. HI Rajaul, I installed philz recovery and then after wiping cache and dalvik cache, rbooted the phone without flashing supersu. On realising when i went to recovery I fund that the recovery is automatically replaced by stock. Now when I am trying to flash through recovery through spflash, the phone is not sensed by spflash tool. Also ahen checking through adb (adb devices) it doesnt show any device connected. I uninstalled and installed the drivers many time but no luck. Can you help

    1. Take backup of everything,then reset your phone and erase internal storage,then try again.Try with different usb ports also.

    2. Also if quick boot is enabled then disable that and enable usb debugging.

  7. Hi, I am on rooted stock rom and TWRP recovery, I want to take my phone to service center. So can i unroot the phone and flash stock recovery, so that warranty is valid?

  8. I want to know that the xposed framework work on coolpad note 3 lite with twrp

  9. By mistake I deleted all photos from my phone how to recover those all please help in this

  10. Guys for installing closed get arm64 zip .. and flash two or cwm..reboot to recovery..wipe cache/dalvik cache.....flash arm64 zip and then again wipe cache/dalvik cache ..then reboot. It will keep rebooting for a long time .. it rebooted for 40 min in my case so..make sure u got 60-90% battery as .. phone shutdown during the process will lead to hard brick...

  11. i installed cool ui 8 now I cant flash twrp . If i flash its not booting into recovery.

  12. I rooted the phone, then flashed the recovery.img by Flashify, but after reboot, it's still the old version. Should I flash the boot.img? Where to download it? Thanks a lot!

  13. twrp successfully flashed on my coolpad note 3 running MM v22.but cannot boot into it.. firstly the phone reboots on entering recovery mode and then if i try again then stock recovery opens up.

  14. Verify me to enter into the forum

  15. whats the default twrp password for decrypting data partition

  16. Hey I have coolpad note 3 lite
    i want nvram.bin file for this device would u please provide..

  17. Dear MD Rajaul Bro
    I installed marshmallow stock ROM on Cool pad note 3 lite by sp flash tool method.
    I booted it and checked to see everything was OK.Then i reinstalled twrp recovery through sp flash tools.
    but now it seems that recovery partition is locked or encrypted and hence not allowing to install the recovery through sp flash tools.
    Bro please help as there is no method to root the phone now.
    Can i Install lollipop stock ROM on marshmallow ROM by re-flashing through sp flash tool method.
    Pl help bro.
    Dharmesh Panchal

  18. twrp successfully flashed on my coolpad note 3 running MM v22.but cannot boot into it.. firstly the phone reboots on entering recovery mode and then if i try again then stock recovery opens up.

  19. My coolpad note 3 plus not going in recovery mode wat to do plzzz tell

  20. I flashed Marshmallow on coolpad note 3 but now recovery mode is gone. I also tried flashing recovery again but it failed. What should i do?

  21. bro agar ham Sp tool se recovery install kya Internal or App data Delete ho jayega.

  22. Phone root is not working properly bootloader Havelock

  23. Bootloader Unlock root is not working

  24. help !!!!!!!!!!!
    when i install the recovery nd reboot the phone in recovery, the phone goes in fastmm mode..
    this is every time i try to install the recovery.
    i tried with flashify but when iboot in recovery their is no recovery...
    Help me

  25. help!!!
    i have flash my phone to marshmallow but when i started the phone. the screen goes fully black.
    so what should i do help me!!

  26. help!!!
    i have flashed my phone to marshmallow through sp flash tool. but i started my phone the screen goes fully black. so what should i me!!!

  27. i am download and extract and installing but the sreen s p flashtool scatter text not working .what i do?

  28. I use a Qiku Q luna, Coolpad note 3 clone. I can't seem to boot into recovery

  29. Tried it. Didn't work for me. Flashed it successfully but when tried to boot into recovery, the screen first shows volume up key pressed, entering recovery mode. But then, the screen turns off and the phone boots normally without any recovery flashed. What do I do?


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