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Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Remove MTKLogger from appearing on each boot

These steps will solve from appearing MTKLogger on each boot as well as “=>factory” word during boot.
Steps to be followed:

Disable and  clear mtklogger


1.Open Dialpad.
2. Dial *#9527*#
3. Click on DM,
4.Type RD personnel password : 54321
5. If DM Flag value is “1” Choose "ok", DM mark will become "0"
6. IF DM colour turn green from red,then choose “close”.
7. Select “sure”.
8. Reboot. Now “=>factory” and “MTKlogger” is gone.

credits: admin of coolpad forum and this Facebook group

Video Guide:

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  1. thanks man...i am really happy for this post very useful

  2. Thanks. It works. Thank you so much

  3. How to remove total software in cpn3 my cpn3 have many problems I flashing new file but my restart problem and display msg is unfortunantly play store has stopped how to remove pls help me sir

  4. The number I need to dial is wrong. So part One works but 2 doesn't. What to do?

  5. Number 1 did the job for me. Thank you!

  6. Sir i was flashing my cpn3 to mm but after flashing my phone is not turning on its show a window in which at the =>[factory] is written. I am in huge problem please reply fast

  7. Not start Coolpad N 3 after flashing download Adb fast boot drive and follow interaction

  8. I synced messenger and had MTK logger pop up and slow my phone down. I unsynced my messenger and I all went away. Back to normal.

  9. for me not possible the code invalid!!!!please help me!

  10. not work for my phone say error: code invalid MMI

  11. Thanks Guru
    Ye kam kar raha hai.

  12. thanks buddy you are awesome man ;)

  13. Sir, i couldn't update the latest coolpad update, im not receiving the latest update, please help me

  14. Thanks bro, it worked for me

  15. Navigate over here to know about all features and options of keylogger for android.

  16. thanks very much buddy,for helping me in stoping MTK log

  17. HTC 526 main *#9527*# work nahi kar raha hai

  18. HTC 526g main *#9527*# work nahi kar raha h

  19. Thanks man... Mtklogger was pain.

  20. Anyone no what this means? Is my phone hacked? The attribute definition for tag EccEntry:
    - Ecc: the emergnecy number
    - Category: the service category
    - Condition: there are following values:
    - 0: ecc only when no sim
    - 1: ecc always
    - 2: MMI will show ecc but send to nw as normal call

  21. Thanks...I am free from a


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