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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

360 OS for Coolpad Note 3 Lite.

Presenting First custom ROM for coolpad Note 3,The 360 OS.

Disclaimer: Please do it at your own risk, I am no way responsible if anything goes wrong or you ruin /brick your phone.

Phone must be rooted. For root method go here.
Custom recovery should be installed. For recovery go here and for installation method go here.

1.360 OS is designed for security,performance and battery life.

2.360 OS optimizes your device according to usage. If you are playing a game, all the other apps and games running in the background will be withdrawn and allows you more space required for the game. In this way 360 OS provides enhanced performance.

3.ICEBOX allow you to freeze unused apps preventing them to consume system resources and data.
You  can restore them anytime.

4. 360 Security is available on Play Store. Look at features of 360 total Security.

5.360 OS simply tunes the CPU according to your usage. Designed with PowerXtend Technology. 360 OS optimizes picture processing for less power consumption. Comes with super saving mode which can run 3% of power for 10 hours.

6.Inbuilt Traffic flow control

7.Inbuilt Heat tracing

8.Autorun manager

9.Authority manager

10.Working fingerprint scanner you will be surprised after using it

11.Auto call recorder

12.Many more……

For more info on 360 OS go here:

How to install:

1.Take backup of your current ROM through TWRP.

2.Download the ROM

3.Reboot to recovery by switching off your phone and pressing volume up and power button simultaneously till TWRP menu appears.

4.Wipe  → swipe right to factory reset.

5.Back→ Advanced wipe →tick Dalvik/ART Cache, system,Cache and data → swipe to wipe.

6.Back to main menu→  →Install → Select storage(storage on which you have saved downloaded ROM)

7.Browse and select → swipe to install

8.Wipe caches → swipe to wipe

9.Reboot system.

To register 360 account:Follow this

1)How to root 360 OS?
A:boot into TWRP recovery mode and just Install this file.

2)How to get play store and other gapps on 360 OS?
A.Just download gapps and flash through recovery.
Download this and flash through recovery 

3)Why Mobile safe app is in Chinese? is not being decompiled,so unable to translate it.You can use this version of Mobile safe app which I have translated,but some features will not work in this version,so better to use original Chinese version.For less featured version which I translated,just flash this file through recovery.

For help in Chinese Mobile safe app settings,click here

What fixed on this version:
1.Long press recent button menu not appear fixed
2.sms receive problem fixed
3.Green camera fixed
4.system out of space problem fixed
5.Sim closed on every boot problem solved
6.Gapps flash white screen problem solved
7.registration on 360 account fixed
8.Now you can change default launcher,sms app etc in this version
9.Many more I don't remember  ;-)   

Camers not working in HDR,Night and SLR mode.

360 OS

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Author Of This Article

Hello, My Name Is Md Rajaul(Atrvscet@xda forum),the man behind,a blog dedicated to development of ROM,Recovery and Modding of Coolpad Note 3, Spice Mi 535, Elephone vowney lite etc.Goal of this blog is to collect and provide best available information related to these phones.

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  1. Thanks for the rom bro...Will try it as soon as I get my phone...Does this rom supports xposed installer And xposed modules..plz reply

  2. Does this ROM support xposed?

  3. Flashing is done correctly. But i am unable to configure Android. White screen appearing everytime. I've tried 5 times flashing it. Same thing happened every time.
    Please help me fixing this!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Bro This Same Prob happened to me its fixed
      Follow This Steps
      1)First Just install the 360os rom and reboot
      2) DOnt Install the gapps with the rom FIrst Install rom and reboot system
      3) Then when your system successfully starts then reboot and install gapps
      4) Hope This Helped CHEERS :)

  4. will multitasking window work on this rom?and,umm,camera not working in slr mode means i cant fix the focus iso like the stock?

  5. how to install playstore in this rom


  7. I m unable to register any of my finger print... Is it the software issue or hardware issue

  8. finger print sensor is not working... I m unable to register any of the finger prints in my it the software issue or the hard ware issue

  9. coolui music player not working in coolpad note 3 lite ?

  10. I want change from 360os to stock rom using twrp

  11. Hi bro r u developing a new ROM based on 6.0

  12. Can I install stock marshmallows ROM on my rooted coolpad note lite

  13. thanks to take effort this artical...again thanks....

  14. Display is darker compared to v29 stock.
    I tried changing screen effect settings,Can not get the same display as v29 stock.
    Do you have settings to get v29 stock display on 360 os ? Rather than warm,darker display as it used to in v22 stock.

  15. Hi, i have Qiku Q terra phone with 360 os preinstalled ..i and several other people had bought it in india and now this company is not providing any updates for us and these are so many bugs in the os and we dont have any root procedure too!!
    We just have the V1.0.021 for 360 os
    May i please know where did you get this version of 360os from in english ie 069 version?

    1. It is Chinese version in which ROM was having Chinese and English Languages and many apps and settings etc were in Chinese which is translated into English by me(However don't blame me for wrong grammar and translations as I have used google translator and very lazy in correcting them,LOL).I have translated all except mobile safe app as I was not able to decompile/recompile that app successfully.

  16. i have soft brick phone and above file not properly working hang on logo so want higher ver scatter rom with flashable sptool support

    thanks wait for your reply

  17. Can anybody tell me how can i fix colour reproduction in 360os in note 3 lite?????

  18. I installed this rom everything is working very fine.
    The only problem i found is it's giving darker display than v29 stock.
    Display is like v24 stock on lite.very dark and warm.
    I tried adjusting screen effect but it doesn't seem to give colors as v29 stock.
    Is there any workaround to get same display color as v29 ?

  19. Awesome rom.. Nice bettry backup..thanks dude for this Rom.
    One problem is that, sms is not auto detecting in apps. Any solution for this?

  20. My phone keep restarting after installing 360os

  21. Battery is draining very fast
    For 1 hour it reduces 15% without any use

  22. how did u make the fingerprint scanner work??

  23. Sourse code for coolpad note 3 lite

  24. I have flashed the english 360 mobile safe but I didnt like that..... I want old chinese app back again.

  25. google play service is not supported on 360os what to do???? no other google apps are support plz help me

  26. after istalling, phone is restarting continuosly. plz help.

    1. my also restarting continuously

    2. my also hang and restarting countinuously

  27. how much time does it take to install?

  28. bro pls how to cant able to register account says registration failsss....

  29. Sir i have coolapd note 3 lite i have flashed both 360 o.s and gapps provided by you but the gapps are not working and when ever i clicks on any system app it shows a network error

  30. Sir i have coolapd note 3 lite i have flashed both 360 o.s and gapps provided by you both are working but
    When ever i clicks on any system app it shows a network error
    यार कृपया मदद करो ,कोई भी सिस्टम app नही काम कर रहा बस network error दिखाता है।

  31. How much time it take to install.

  32. FP and internet not working and cant go to recovery pls help me

  33. FP and internet on any network is not working. Cant flash gapps no recovery mode.

  34. is this rom flashable in coolpad note 3 lite???

  35. Everything's good...... But after downloading music in opera mini my memory got formatted in phone sd as well as help!!!

  36. fringrprint not working plz help!!

  37. bro please provide me the apk of quiku app store because it is not present in my 360 o.s

  38. Does the 360 is of cool pad note 3 lite support volte

  39. Does the 360 is of cool pad note 3 lite support volte

  40. Hi. Frnds.. I have a coolpad note 3lite. .
    I will rooted my mobile.. Then i will booted coolui8. 0 in without pc. .after update does not working. .recovery mode, i will tryed.. To fix. . But its Not fix..Now what a problem? Plz... Help and tell me the fix The problem.... ...!!!!!??

  41. You there, this is really good post here. Thanks for taking the time to post such valuable information. Quality content is what always gets the visitors coming. note 8 colors lock display


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