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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Custom and stock ROM for coolpad Note 3 lite

Stock ROM:

V15 spflashable

V28 Recovery flashable

Custom ROMs:

By Atrvscet:

360 OS

COOLMOD Marshmallow

By Team Pshyco:



CM 12.1

              Sensor fix for CM 12.1

              Lag Fix CM 12.1


Vibe UI 3.5

AOSP mm verne

By Ayush Gupta:

Cyber UI 6.0

HTC 7 sense

MIUI 7 (Bugs:
1. Baseband
2. Audio
3. Camera
4. Wifi
5. Bluetooth
6. Fingerprint
7. And More!)

By Amit Kumar Team Psycho Pinto Thakur Septian Aditya Dhana Mari Anis Mulla Prince Samir Sandeep Sethi Sam Grande

Cyanogen mod 13.0.2

About The Admin Of This Blog:

Author Of This Article

Hello, My Name Is Md Rajaul(Atrvscet@xda forum),the man behind,a blog dedicated to development of ROM,Recovery and Modding of Coolpad Note 3, Spice Mi 535, Elephone vowney lite etc.Goal of this blog is to collect and provide best available information related to these phones.

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  1. hello sir,plz make a recovery flashable stock rom .plzz

  2. Can u provide me the OTA update package from v022 to v024 or v025

  3. Plz...need cm12 update with fixes and improvrment in performance...fp,cam doesnt matter

  4. when will be the fixed fp nd camera cm 12.1 rom will be released or uploaded plz upload it guys faster its been months now we are waiting for it so plz guys plz upload it soon cause you'll rock

  5. Pure Android rom please

  6. Pure Android rom please MD Rajul

  7. Please Sir .... MiUi 8 is very neat and simple please upload it sir please... I am fan #MiUi8 .... please sir.....

    Thanking you.

  8. can we unbrick coolpad note 3 lite by using 360 os???

  9. Hey pls provide me a original boot.img file cause i was lost it please Anyone...

  10. After install stock rom phone always show MTK logger install and also cellular data is not available in stock rom.i think this stock rom has bug.

  11. Please create a without bug cm rom

  12. Please create a without bug cm rom

  13. please remove camera bug

    RR rom has very low speaker volume please fix the bug

  14. Hi, sir could u kindly tell me how to install coolpad n3 lite rom on my blu life mark mobile? Same chipset.

  15. Hi,
    I am version v10 using coolpad note 3 pro. Can u tell when will the new version be available for coolpad. The last time I tried to flash files the phone just went blank on me, had to get the phone replaced from amazon.

  16. does the 360 OS has gapps in built or we have to flash it separately??

  17. CM rom fixes please!
    ps Do u guys knw when CN3 Lite will get marshmallow update?

  18. waiting for custom rom with working fp..........other than 360 os

  19. How are AOSP mm version and CyanogenMod 13.0.2 ROMs for cpn3l ?
    Someone using them or having any knowledge about them please reply!

  20. Hi, if I download v15 then can I able to get OTA updates.

  21. Sir mera coolpad note 3 lite 6.0 V002 me Update h mujhe or update krna h kya karu

  22. The link for asop mm Verne doesn't seems to be. Working it says that something went wrong

  23. My coolpad note3 lite is not charging while phone is switched on...but if my phone is switched off then my phone is charging ...plz fix this..?

  24. Please can i get the stock rom for coolpad y92-9.

  25. Which rom access fp correctly


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